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The decision to train in the art of firearms skill and safety is a serious one. Turn on the nightly news and in only minutes it is undeniably clear that we are living in a volatile and dangerous world. The safety of yourself and your family has never been such a critical issue. While all of us hope to avoid the predators of our world, it is a matter of record and fact that they choose their victims at random.

Media on a daily basis without fail tells of countless tales of families who, without prejudice of race, color, creed or social status become the unexpecting victims of violence and crime. The one thing that these victims all shared was a false belief that it could only happen to those they saw on their televisions. They themselves never thought it possible that danger could come calling, but the grim reality that we all live in is that all of us are a potential story waiting to happen.

We all live in a mentality that hopes for the best but sometimes hope is often turned to regret in the face of victimization for many. Your families safety and your own security is far too precious to cast into the winds of hope. It is all of our responsibilities to be sure that the security of self and home is truly secured.

Preparedness is an avoidance of the pain that only regret can bring. Straight Shooters understands your needs and has compiled the most comprehensive training courses available at any price, anywhere.

Craig Stuart is a master at his craft having trained countless private citizens, law enforcement, federal and specialized personnel.

Craig's skills and knowledge of survival and firearms has made him one of the most effective and respected specialists of his kind in the Southern United States. Craig has created a technique and reputation that allows him to train anyone with a desire to learn to be the very best that they can be.

Couples, families, law enforcement and national & international organizations alike have hailed Craig's knowledge and revolutionary training methods as effective, concise and at the very top of the industry. Click Here to View Credentials.

For those searching for the right instructor to teach them the skills they need to feel confident and protected in a dangerous world, the choice is clear... Straight Shooters... the power to protect yourself and the ones you love is but a phone call away. Click Here or on the contact link above for more information. Courteous representatives are ready to answer your questions and help register you for a personalized course that will change your life and the life of those you love & protect forever.

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"Craig Stuart took all the fear out of learning to use firearms because he explained everything so clearly and so completely"

Mary Eiland, Boca Raton

"Craig offers a no pressure, easy to understand education on firearms and defense that anybody can understand and enjoy... You will leave his classes with the self-confidence in knowing that you can be in control in any situation"

William S Bento, Delray Beach

"My 40 year fear of handguns ended during my first class with Craig Stuart. He turned my fear into confidence by giving me the knowledge that I needed to protect my family and myself from victimization."

Patti Hansen, Delray Beach

"My wife and I took Craig's concealed weapons course. Both of us understood & learned the responsibilities of carrying a weapon and were VERY satisfied."

Jay and Georg Cerola, Delray Beach

"Craig's knowledge, demeanor and professionalism is unsurpassed. As a person who had an already strong knowledge of firearms, I was shocked at the wealth of information Craig brought to the table. As far as I am concerned, Craig is the only trainer I have ever met with that was actually the real deal. I would never recommend anyone else to an acquaintance, friend or relative but Craig."

Captain Chuck DeAngelo, Boca Raton

"Straight Shooters by far offers the most comprehensive training you can get. I left Craig Stuart's training with sheer confidence and a knowledge that allows me to say I could handle any situation that could arise. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Craig and his fine company. I would recommend Straight Shooters firearms training to anyone."

Gill Garcia, Miami

"I never had trained with a firearms instructor before and was not sure what to expect. While I went in for a simple concealed weapons course, what I found I received was above and beyond the call of duty. Craig has a pride and professionalism in his work that is rarely found in today's world. I would feel comfortable referring Straight Shooters to anyone who wanted to actually master their weapon and not just pass a course. Craig's Straight Shooters training is worth ten times the costs by far..."

Michael Knight, Miami

"Craig is a gifted and professional teacher. his knowledge of handgun safety, personal safety, self defense techniques and the law is unsurpassed. As a student I never felt pressured or rushed. Craig adapted his pace to mine and created a fun, yet serious learning environment."

Patti Hansen, Delray Beach

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Marksmanship and Tactical are usually one on one.

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